Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Lonely Camera Bag

I got a stye in the eye(duh!), and due the severity of the infection, my otherwise not so kind boss suggested (can you believe that!!) me to take off till it gets better or in the actual sense till it gets more bearable for him to look at me and not feel guilty of his tyranny:P. Jokes apart the news is am at home and relaxing at the moment (except few work related calls and mails am responding to, which has become so much a part of my life that it doesn't feel like work anymore!). While glancing through my room my eyes went to my camera bad and it seems to be kinda lonely without a companion. This reminded me of the unit I have shipped back. Upon checking the status in 'Royal Mail' site, it says parcel has reached the destination country (i.e. Hong Kong) and passed to their postal service for delivery. This is a relief as I was worried about it going through customs again. Hoping the Hong Kong postal service is pretty prompt to deliver it soon and I get to hear some good news from the seller. With this hope am signing off for now. I believe you are still up for shoots and doing a lot. Ya one more thing, an online friend of mine has shared his website link, which I found pretty interesting and articles quite informative, do have a look:

Till I get my cam, You Keep Shooting!!!

Loadza Luv,
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