Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good morning

This pic I took, at the cafeteria in office.It looks wow n colourful on my curve 8900 screen. Now using it as wallpaper:)
(Psst...if u like this pic feel free to download and use on ur mob:) do send me a pic of ur cell, how it looks, I may post that here;) )

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heading back to city

Running low on time, so had to pass muddati(may be some other day), n head back to the city. As you can see 50 kms to go:)
Will post pics once I reach home;)

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OMG Hurdle#2 (The Return)

Made my own route! N left a trail to be followed;)

It's the river bed and the sand is damp, can barely stand on it. The bike with all it's weight was fishtailing, was a tough job. I wish I had a KTM in such situation:
Somehow made it this far:) This Kido got scared from the engine noise:p

Neva'h MESS WITH A 130/80 ZAPPER !!! Loll..


U though it's over?!! Picture toh abhi baaki hai mere dost;) The River Crossing >> 
NOTE: Sorry no pics while crossing it, as it was tough and risky, so whole effort was put in the attempt and had no extra hand to cover the event:( you saw the route the hurdles and few of the rewards that this place has to offer, you can decide where you would like to add this in your travel/biking checklist. For me it was scary(trust me after a long time I got the feel!) and beautiful. The place is really one of it's kind...As it's a natural process(decaying/wearing out), am not sure how long it'll be before all the stone structures vanish(smoothened off) because of the river, but as of now it's a place needs to be seen, to be believed:)

Amazing location, but hard to reach. CBZ surprises me, every time I take it out for such rides. Having breakfast now. Will be Moving to Muddati soon:)

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OMG hurdle#1 :)

Ah uh...Can I cross this on the bike now?:( Vasu checking the depth of the river:p
I hope the camera equipments will be safe while crossing(fingers crossed)!

parked the bike here

Though it looks quite calm in this pic but I could here the noise of a huge stream of water gushing through, somewhere nearby:)

Vasu is visiting the place after 15 yrs, he was shocked to see the water level has gone so low. Earlier it used to be 10 feet from the location where am standing at the moment:)
Look whom I met there..Mr Cricket:p He is working hard after loosing the disputed winter food lawsuit against Mr Ant....lolll
Holy Christ!!! It wasn't the only one there! Such structures are created by flowing water. There's more ahead. I hadn't seen such a thing before. I am climbing rocks after a long time, it's scary :
I got a chill through my spine when I look down, what if?!.....Glad Vasu knows swimming:p It is a freaky place, something I could expect in "The Descent".

Aaah:) It was worth it:D

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Hi Readers/Viewers,
It 5:05 in the morning n am 24kms away from Bangalore, heading towards Mekedatu(google it). Me n a frnd of mine(Vasu, seen in the pic) have stopped for tea, weather is good n road is pretty ok this far. I'll be posting again soon...
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hellow Viewers!!!

This is a test-post am trying to update my blog on the go using my cell phone:) If you reading this text on my photography blog(, then I have succeeded in my attempt:) If you seeing this text else where, then something didn't workout as expected:p

If it works, I'll be able post more frequently and also straight from the locations am shooting:)
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