Sunday, January 17, 2010

Definition of Stock Photography

Stock photography is what images that photographers take and then they'll put into a database somewhere perhaps like and it's a place where ad agencies or any one else needing a particular image can go and sort through and look for the image that they want. This is a way that you don't need to hire a photographer to get a image that is preexisting out there. So, you could type in whatever your keyword is you know if you want red apple, you can type in red apple and it will show you a lot of images with a red apple in it and for relatively small amount anywhere from a couple of bucks all the way up to a couple of thousands of dollars, you can buy the image and use it for whatever your purpose is. So, if you want a smaller image you know to go on a postcard or just on a little website or even just you know to get an idea to show someone this is the kine of image I want, you can probably pay two bucks and get it and use it and not be able to really sell it or print it anywhere. The higher end stuff could be images that you know an advertising agency wants to use for a campaign or something better like that and that's what stock photography is."

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