Friday, July 8, 2011

Canon Vs Nikon - Financial & Consumer Comparison [INFOGRAPHICS]

Dear Shutter bugs,
Here is another interesting fact sheet published in DPS' newsletter for this week. Most of our cameras belong to either of these brands and we know the purchase of a cam starts by reading thousands(understatement) of articles discussing pros n cons of these two brands. Finally we take the plunge by picking one and closing our eyes to what the other one has to offer as we know once you start shooting your focus should be on the art and not on the equipments. Same goes for me as well. Presently am using my Nikon D3000 and pretty happy with the pictures I am creating. AND I do (/may) consider Canon for any upgrades (if at all) I will go for in the near future:) That's it for now, hope you enjoy these info!

Click Well,
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Manual Photography cheat-sheet by Miguel Yatco

Though in the first look it appears pretty basic to me, still am posting it here with the hope to help out any new comers to get a visual understanding of the these manual settings:)
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