Sunday, July 18, 2010


OMG Hurdle#2 (The Return)

Made my own route! N left a trail to be followed;)

It's the river bed and the sand is damp, can barely stand on it. The bike with all it's weight was fishtailing, was a tough job. I wish I had a KTM in such situation:
Somehow made it this far:) This Kido got scared from the engine noise:p

Neva'h MESS WITH A 130/80 ZAPPER !!! Loll..


U though it's over?!! Picture toh abhi baaki hai mere dost;) The River Crossing >> 
NOTE: Sorry no pics while crossing it, as it was tough and risky, so whole effort was put in the attempt and had no extra hand to cover the event:( you saw the route the hurdles and few of the rewards that this place has to offer, you can decide where you would like to add this in your travel/biking checklist. For me it was scary(trust me after a long time I got the feel!) and beautiful. The place is really one of it's kind...As it's a natural process(decaying/wearing out), am not sure how long it'll be before all the stone structures vanish(smoothened off) because of the river, but as of now it's a place needs to be seen, to be believed:)

Amazing location, but hard to reach. CBZ surprises me, every time I take it out for such rides. Having breakfast now. Will be Moving to Muddati soon:)

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