Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An awesome real world testing of Cameras

Hey there,
No explanation needed. Just hop on to the nearest couch and play this video (you can thank me later for sharing this!) :

Well if you watched this episode completely till the end, you must have heard the following statements which clearly emphasises the intentions of this whole project:

"People need to realise that this is NOT a winner-take-all type test. Some cameras perform well in some situations, while other cameras perform well in other situations. Not every camera is right for every job. I think this test shows this very well."

"If you are a great cinematographer and if this is the instrument you are using, then you don't say this instrument is a peace of sh*t and blah blah blah like that. You say, okay..what are it's strengths, what are it's weaknesses. You work into the strengths of it. You make it look as good as it's possible. You know it's not the instrument, it's..(touches his heart and says)..it's what you gotta say!"

Now as you are all pumped up and ready to know more, here goes the next episode:

And the last episode for your viewing pleasure:

Now you can go ahead and shower all accolades for me being so generous to share such interesting video resources with you and so on...but hey this is my 'Photojournal' and I intend to note down what I like and having it online means it's open for the enthusiasts to gain some insight from. Right?!!

Caring and Sharing CAN make this world a better place,

PS: Special thanks to the cast and crew behind this project. Do head on to vimeo and check out many more such videos they have, which you might find interesting.
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