Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After work..

Hey there,
hmm..after 7 long hectic work days (20hrs a day! not kidding!!) due to issues at work, finally dark clouds seems to be parting their ways letting the sun to shine through.. >

Came back from office and was feeling really good and happy:) For no apparent reason, may be because I have done my job well today and was able to keep up with what ever the day threw at me. Everyone at work are making plans for the long weekend ahead and few friends asked to join them, but I am in a mood for some relaxation at this point. Don't want to commit and execute a planned weekend, as if it's an official assignment of some sort (not that it's bad or something, but it just ain't it!). So am looking forward to vanish from the crowd and do things the way I like it. Different. Exploring new things and yes need I say 'Photography' :) It just doesn't happen for me in a group, especially in a stereotypic one. So better let groups enjoy their way and I can find my own thing to do. A Happy-Happy situation for both.

So there is no specific topic for this post (you must have realised it by now). Random thoughts are flowing through my mind, so thought of scribbling something on my blog.

>..well once home, something caught my eye. Just after I slipped into some comfortable attire, after returning from work, I noticed there is a beautiful view I could see from the front room window. Took the camera out of my bag and the tripod was set in no time. There I am doing something I love...

was chilling at the backyard. Was bit conscious seeing me staring at the sky with a big camera and lot of enthusiasm:D was beautiful, as the sun was low on the horizon, but quite bright. Sky was partly covered in dark clouds.

Telephoto lens brought this frame to my visibility..(shot it at 450mm I guess)

This one is a more artistic one and purposely over-processed to bring out that look.

It looked like the kinda clouds I had seen in Da Vinci's paintings when I visited Louvre Museum in Paris

Hope these pictures and this post spreads some happiness and good feeling in you. Lets keep that thought alive, until we meet again. Right here!!

Keep shooting,
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