Friday, February 24, 2012

Special thanks to Ken Rockwell, for recommending me my first Nikon ;-)

 " Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. "

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

If this saying ever be true, then my first 9470 (as of the moment am writing this blog post) photographs have been shot with my Nikon D3000. Initially being an avid reader of "Ken Rockwell's blog", I didn't like his review of (then newly introduced) Nikon D3000 DSLR, simply because it was the only model in my budget and I somewhat had developed a soft corner for this particular camera. For me any camera with manual control would have been a blessing, as it was almost for a decade that I had been learning (from books, magazines, etc) about photography, but could never really manage to get my hands on a SLR. My burning desire to buy an SLR and to prove to Ken that I can shoot good pictures with just any SLR camera (kinda just like him:p). Finally I got myself the lovely (just liked the print ads so much!) Nikon D3000. At the time of purchase, the cost of the camera was more than my one months salaray. I promised myself until I make some money out of this cam (not that I needed any, but going pro means one has a command over the equipment/skill) am not gonna think of any more investments. Well I would say I kept my word and never wasted a single thought (or penny) on DSLRs/Lenses/accessories after that. On a hindsight, that was the only reason, for which I learned the most of, what ever I know today. Only thing I failed (rather haven't tried my hand) at was making money out of this hobby. May be that has it's own time. Anyway after few wonderful years of learning the basics, I think now I have a sense of the type of photography I love doing. Having said that time has also come for me to part with my beloved Nikon (I mean this very model:p). I am closing in on getting my next rig ready by mid march. Only last week with the help of two friends I had created a listing on eBay and today (after 7 days of bidding and watching) the bid is won by a London based buyer. Just spoke with him to answer his queries on my camera and sort out the payment related formalities, which will be taking place in the coming few days. Well thats all I have to share in this post. Attaching a screenshot of the eBay listing here. Got an awesome resale value for this camera and I wish 'Ken Rockwell' gets to read this post:D No personal grudge, rather am still a regular reader of his posts and really admire his skills and the ideas he shares on photography. So this marks the first phase of this transition (or may be once Vladimir-the-new-owner receives the item).


[ Photograph Courtesy: Tobin Sam , Equipment: Nikon D5100 with 35mm 1.8G DX ]

Oh, so what will be my next cam??!
Well...just have little patience and I promise you'll see it here soon;)
Till then YOU keep shooting,
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