Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I Learned: When you don't feel like doing it, just do it!

This is one of the rarest time of the day, when I am making a post.Not that it's an odd hour to do so, but it's kinda unusual for me to sit quite(read being patient, while being at home:p) and write. But as you can see am doing that. Last night I came late from work, with the plans of continuing with it at the earliest possible. Well....came to room, switched on the notebook, was on fb for a while...Until 10:30 didn't realized the delivery guy has forgotten to deliver my dinner. Called up, but was not in a mood to have that, so cancelled it. I know it's nothing to talk about, but thats how it went:p(You can skip this, if your life runs in a similar way!). Got a stuffed chicken roll parceled and a bar of chocolate:) That was my dinner. Then surfed the net till 5:30 in the morning. Yep you read it right, didn't realize it was so late. Finally went to bed with a book. Before I could go beyond the first page, I was down. So what you read so far is the reason why this post is made at this hour of the day:) (not justifying or anything, it'!)

So there's a fest in my college( and am invited by reen, who's managing the event along with other team members. Seeing the guest list( Vishal n Shekhar, Pooja Gandhi n many more. John turned down the offer in the last minute. Gawwsh!!!), it's hard to miss, but my work commitment is on high priority at the moment. I don't think I'll be going today evening. Well there's a power cut(now a days very frequent in Bangalore) and can't think of anything interesting to do at the moment. So picked up my cam and thought of capturing something in the house. These are few pics I took.....

1/50 F4.2 ISO100 26mm

1/8 F5.6 ISO200 34mm

1/2 F3.5 ISO180 18mm

1/2 F3.8 IS100 20mm

1/50 F3.5 ISO125 18mm

1/15 F3.8 ISO100 20mm

Macro 1/60 F5.6 ISO200 40mm
(^this one I had taken earlier, saw it while archiving, so posted)

1/50 F4.2 ISO100 26mm
Well whats special(and common) about these photographs is....all are taken in complete manual mode. This is what I learned today. Yupppeeee:) If I wouldn't have picked up my cam today, I wouldn't have experimented with manual override, wouldn't have known how much creative freedom it provides:)! Glad I did, what I did !!! Definitely I'll be using this new found skill more and more to take good pictures. For your reference I am providing the EXIF(SS,AP,ISO,FL) details.

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