Friday, March 26, 2010

Mumbai - Millions of Identities

Hi Guys/Gurls,
I am on a vacation. It started on 24th March 1815 HRS when I started from office. I have roughly 14 days and my plan is as follows:
Bangalore > Mumbai > Pune > Mumbai > Dhenkanal(Orissa) > Bangalore

The whole time I'll be either on a bus or train, so travelling/commuting itself will be taking some time. Today is 26th March, Friday, I've reached Bombay. Last night after reaching I went online to check my mails and facebook, then spoke with Twinkle(my sis) over the phone for sometime and then dozed off as I was tired. Few photos during my trip from Bangalore to Mumbai...

me:) Got the crew cut done just before leaving.....The Summer Look :p

I like this photograph. You can see the expression of the driver in the front glass.

Colors n Light

My Bus.....First Halt in the morning for breakfast, before Pune..

Saw this prototype being road tested, near Pune. It was from Tata Motors I guess..

Abhi came at around 11, we had dinner together. Apart from roti sabji, one special dish I had, Vada-Pao(Oriya Defn: Vada=Alu Chop+Pao=Bread Piece). It was yum and it's quite famous in Maharashtra. Dinner was quite filling, after that I went to sleep(yeah...again!), before which we caught up on many things, which we used to do n talk about while we were stayin together in bangalore.....finally don't remember when I slept off.

Right now sitting at Abhi's place and writing this post:) Abhi had to go to office(against his wishes I feel) as some urgent work has come up, he'll be back soon. I got up quite late as my body was a bit achy due to the 18 hrs bus ride(mind you a multi axle a/c Volvo may not be as comfy as some of you might be thinking). After a good nap, now am all fresh n ready to roll(alas no bikes in sight:p, hope aunty doesn't get to see this post, as the word "BIKE" might cause an alarm :p). Had a breakfast once I was up, which was almost noon. One thing was on my mind to kick off my Mumbai shoot with some subject. Well.....a couple of cute things were fooling around the house...Yep Cats:) Abhi is a true animal lover, having lived with him for 3 years I could say that....Seeing his love for the our neighbor's cat(Her name was 'Pussy' :p, I told him not to call her by that name, as I wasn't quite comfortable hearing There are around 5 kittens(I guess) in this house. Don't ask me their names now, am bad at it(neither I recognize them by face, as they all look the same), except the dark knight(I call him by this name). I already loved the lighting in the house and I was bit clear what I want from the pictures....Soft and Natural Light, mostly window lighting and some good expressions, as cats are quite curious and playful. Being an outsider, it'll be quite a task to capture these without making them conscious(same happens to people during candid photography). Am in the process....I'll keep you all posted through this blog......

the very first photo I took. As you can see, she's hiding behind that wooden chair..

thank god, she didn't move after seeing the camera:)

dark knight:)

Biju, the name of the Kitten.

I will make sure that You be part of this journey... Have a great day n Keep Clicking... :)
Loadza Luv,

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