Monday, February 8, 2010

Set #2 Shuffled Postcards...

Hi there,
In this post am sharing few pictures which are part of my learning in the last three weeks. I explored few interesting subjects and was amazed at the beauty of things, which we don't usually see with our very own eyes. This time I stepped into the territory of S(Shutter Priority) and A(Aperture Priority) modes and enjoyed the ride. While taking few pictures, I realized that it's very difficult to hold the cam steady, especially in night shots and when you keep the shutter open for almost a second or so. This set of pictures mostly include my attempts at understanding lighting, composition, Macro photography and Night shots. As the title for this post says, pictures are in no particular order. I was out at a friend's place for quite late(as it's 4am, monday already:p) and quickly uploading the pics before I forget. Got a lot of work to finish at office as well, so may be next weekend I will take out some time to explore my creative side. Till then have a pleasant stay and enjoy the photographs. Do share how you find them and of course tips are highly appreciated:)

NOTE: None of the above pics have undergone any post processing, as I have decided to stay away from it, till am happy with the raw creations. I'll provide the cam settings for the above displayed pics soon, so keep visiting..
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